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Blacksmiths Power Hammer

In the realms of Blacksmith forge tools this beautiful old 1940’s blacksmiths Power Hammer would be classed as brand new technology.

We Love the nostalgia involved with owning and using many of our very old blacksmith forge tools, but without a doubt this Old Blacksmiths Power hammer is one of our very favourite and still very useful old pieces of pre war industrial machinery

We still regularly use this old girl while producing many of our fantastic Wrought Iron designs in our very own blacksmith forge workshop.


  1. joe

    I used one of these in my grandads blacksmith shop when i was around 8 years old , they sold it a few years later but it turned up in the engineering works im now working at, not used though just sits there all silent

    • Brighton Metalworks Team

      Hi Joe sorry for the slow reply but thank you for your interesting comment. You sound like you have a long background and a love of blacksmithing like us, we would be really be very interested to hear more about your granddads shop and the engineering works where your now work. We truly love the old tools and methods of production used in bygone times. Any stories or photos you feel like sharing here with us would be amazing. Thanks again Joe and hope to talk more with you again, all the best from the Brighton Metal works. =)

    • Brighton Metalworks Team

      Thank you Terry It is a lovely old machine and your welcome to come to the workshop in Hove for a demonstration, just give us a call on 07973 409748 and thanks again from The Brighton Metalwork’s Team. =)

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