The Blacksmith Forge


Here at Brighton Metalworks we truly love the task of manipulating soft malleable red hot metal into beautiful artistic shapes and designs.

we enjoy creating wonderful objects out of wrought iron and steel.

 By forging the metal in our very own Blacksmith Forge we still use many of the old traditional methods and tools to produce some of our wonderful wrought iron objects such as

gates, grilles, railings, sculptures, furniture, tools, light fixtures, cooking utensils

 Almost anything you would like us produce for you using our blacksmith Forge in Sussex.


Power Hammer


In the realms of Blacksmith Forge tools this beautiful old 1940’s Power Hammer would be classed as of brand new technology.

We Love the nostalgia involved with owning and using many of our very old blacksmith forge tools, but without a doubt this power hammer is one of our very favorite and still very useful old pieces of pre war industrial machinery

that we regularly use to produce Wrought Iron in our blacksmith forge workshop still to this today.

"If this only this machine could talk"